How to write text or sign name on a PDF file with Adobe Reader


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Use this page to learn how to write text or sign your name on a PDF file using Adobe Reader. While you cannot edit text on a PDF file in Adobe Reader, you can add new test on top of the document. This is helpful when adding comments or when signing your name electronically.


  1. Open up the PDF file on your computer.
  2. In the top bar, click the Sign / add text button.
  3. A cursor now appear on the PDF in place of your mouse.
  4. Click anywhere you need to add text on the PDF. The text editor appears.
  5. Start typing your text, such as a name or comment.
  6. Click the options to change text size, font, color, and style. If adding comments to a doc, it’s helpful to use a new color so it stands out from the original.
  7. When finished, either Click the Save icon at the top of the page, or click Send Signed document (on the right side) to send the doc off to email recipients.


Amazon home page

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